Automation Recruitment is in the business of connecting the right people with the right customers. The company is run by engineers and people that have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Many connections have been built over time and valuable knowledge of what is required can be depended on.

About Us

Automation Recruitment involves clients requesting particular sets of skills for various automation projects and supporting roles.

A large network of clients and resources has been formed across Australasia. Although based in Sydney Australia, positions have been provided to many overseas locations, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand and others.

Managing human resources can be a time consuming effort. Automation Recruitment resolves this issue by recruiting engineers from our network and establishing which people would be best suited to the discussed demand. To hire an engineer, click here.

Our clients include:

Systems Integrators / OEMs – Control Systems Design and Engineering (PLC / SCADA)
Vendors – Control Systems / Instrumentation Applications Engineering, Project Engineering / Management, Field Service / Commissioning
Manufacturers – Continuous Improvement, Upgrade projects, Maintenance
Continuous Processors – Process Control Systems (DCS) Configuration / Engineering, Advanced Process Control / Plant Optimisation, Plant maintenance
Design and Construction – Electrical and Control systems engineering and contract administration.
Maintenance Contractors / Facilities Management – Maintenance and Operations Support
Consulting Engineers – Feasibility, Design and Implementation