Automation Engineer Recruitment Program

Automation Recruitment provides a full recruiting service. Finding the right people for the right jobs for any time frame. The Automation Engineer Recruitment Program is a service that provides companies an opportunity to let Automation Recruitment do the hard work of finding the right person for the critical roles.

How it works

Automation Recruitment understands how time consuming and frustrating it can be to find the person your looking for. So AR take all the responsibilities and headaches away from you and we do the leg work. Here is an idea of how we streamline the process for you.

automation engineers

Step 1:
A meeting is held and the client describes the position, its requirements and what the perfect candidate would be.

Step 2:
Automation Recruitment takes the information gathered from the meeting and begins its research process. This process starts with a search through the AR database which more often than not provides the client with the candidate they require. If there is no-one available, the next step in the process is to make contact with Automation Recruitment’s network and generate an internal search throughout the industry. This step is complimented by a strategic placement of advertisements across the internet and newspapers.

Step 3:
Once a selection of engineers are collected, Automation Recruitment conducts its own interviews and determines who of the group would best serve the client. A small descriptive report of each of the final candidates is provided to the client before a meeting (if desired) and the final selection can be made.

Automation Recruitment are continuously advertising to extend the depth of its database so to provide our clients with the best selection of engineers on the market.

Short Term Contracts

Automation Recruitment provides human resource solutions for companies requiring short-term staff. We are able to provide personnel on Hourly / Daily / Weekly Rates negotiated by Automation Recruitment with the client and contractor on an individual basis. The rates include Superannuation, Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances as applicable.

An hourly rate is set and time sheets are signed and paid weekly.

Long Term Placements

Automation Recruitment provides engineers on long term contracts that are simply recruited by Automation Recruitment and employed by the client. A recruitment fee is paid by the client company upon employment. Automation Recruitment’s fees are calculated as a percentage of the negotiated total annual remuneration package including base salary, superannuation, annualised value of company vehicle or other benefits. (see below)

The fee for Job Placements will be a Percentage of the Remuneration paid during the first year( 12 Months) of the engagement and shall be charged at the following rate:
Packages Up to $100,000 – 15% + GST Packages Over $100,000 – 20% + GST

Replacement Guarantee
Automation Recruitment Pvt. Ltd will endeavor to provide a suitable replacement if the original candidate ceases his/her contract with the client within 3 months of commencement.