Should an offer be made to you directly by a client who has been introduced to you by Automation Recruitment within twelve months of that introduction, then you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and will be liable for the appropriate fee.


In the case of a client of Automation Recruitment making an offer directly to the candidate without the knowledge of AR. Then the candidate is required to inform AR immediately.

The Hirer agrees that he will not employ or engage any candidates which were introduced by Automation Recruitment within 12 Months of that Introduction, without having written consent from Automation Recruitment.

If Automation recruitment introduced to you a candidate which you have already knowledge of, or have record of or have the candidate apply directly to you greater than 30 days prior to our introduction and you have not contacted the candidate specifically in regard to the position, Than the Client agrees and accepts our introduction of the candidate and if subsequently employed our fees will be payable.

In a situation where the candidate had applied prior the 30 days in person with the Client, No Fee will be payable if employed for the assignment. However Proof of that application is to be provided to Automation Recruitment at all times.